Mass Effect Flaws Part 3 Driving The Vehicle Mako

The Mako – Mass Effect’s land vehicle – is almost beyond absurd. It is a three-axis six-wheeled monster which basically drives like a medium-boiled peeled egg. What’s up with that?

I’ll tell you what it is for me … the worst driveable vehicle from any Xbox 360 game to date! The Mako does not only react very sensitively to your input, turning much too easily, it also hops and jumps wildly over each little bump making it all the harder to keep it on track. Occasionally it will just turn or flip over from all the bouncing and turning it does. Once i even managed to do a double-barrel roll with it. Amazing, but totally uncalled for because i was in the middle of frigging combat!

Of course, I’m thankful that the Mako can never get stuck and it will always roll back on it’s wheels and that i can even drive up mountains with it. And no matter what you do with it, you can’t damage it just by driving and crashing. But driving it is no fun at all because it is much too stressful to keep it going in just a straight line and more often than not you will find yourself driving onto a wall, flipping over or having to back up.

Speaking of backing up … why the hell did Bioware decide that it’s a good idea to have the controls reverse when you turn the camera around? First of all, I died about 5 times driving off a ledge on Prothean Skyway and on Noveria because of the sudden shift of momentum. Secondly, why did they even allow driving off edges? Other locations have invisible barriers so that you can’t pass with your vehicle, why not just block all the deadly areas for the Mako, too? I mean, if you’re so concerned about the casual gamers that surely would have halved their death rate. And we all know that dying in a video game is what often makes people quit the game.