AppAdict Reviews Our Game Black Hole

AppAddict posted a review of Black Hole, the game i and several of my former colleagues worked on together for several months. It was our initial iPhone project and started as a simple prototype to pitch to publishers and potential investors to get our game development company funded. The company never got started which is why i’m working as iPhone game programming freelancer now.


They sum up the game with these kind words: “”Overall we enjoyed Black Hole and felt that it is different enough to offer even time management junkies something a little new and different.”

AppAddicts reviewers seemed surprised by the fact that Black Holes don’t just swallow objects, they actually fling them away. As a science geek i already knew that but please keep in mind, if you follow the link to the NewScientist article, that primordial Black Holes are still a theoretical concept and just one out of many explanations for Dark Matter. In fact, it’s not even a favored theory. And judging by that article, NewScientist wouldn’t be my primary source of information about those matters (not just dark ones). The whole research paper “Primordial black holes and the asteroid hazard” is a simply thought-experiment. What would happen if these primordial Black Holes existed and are at least part of Dark Matter. From that, you can calculate the chances of those primordial Black Holes interacting with the outer solar system’s asteroid belt and what would happen because of that interaction.

appaddict review

Anyway, Black Holes don’t just swallow objects because, other than how they are portrayed in movies, they’re simply very massive stars. For a Black Hole to swallow an object the paths of the two objects must be on a direct collision course. Otherwise the objects will simply orbit the Black Hole, just as Mercury orbits the Sun, or much more likely simply accelerated away in a slingshot effect. Of course, physically there’s a lot more going on due to the enormeous gravity, for example Black Holes can feed on stars orbiting them. But other than that they’re just more massive stars and not a super-mega-space-vacuum that sucks everything in that comes near it. Far from it.


That Girl’s Site also runs a preview of Black Hole: “I would certainly keep an eye out for Black Hole, this build was very promising and its use of the Crystal network is something I look forward to.”