Flower Garden Numbers

Thanks for sharing your sales numbers, Noel Llopis. This post is highly interesting (as about anything he writes)!

Let me quickly share some numbers for the free 51 Japanese Characters App i programmed, released Dec 30th 2009. With no marketing efforts at all the app was downloaded 1432 times in 17 days. Due to the nature of the title, 25% of downloads were from South Korea and 9% from Japan. USA still leads the pack with 32%. More marketing is still to come and i’m curious how the numbers will change because of it.

I myself interviewed other iPhone game developers over the last weeks. The monthly average income they reported averaged in one case at about €1.200 ($1,800) per month for a well done $.99 Flight Control style game with visual style on par with its competitor. It was available for 6 months.

Another developer reported a total income of €500 ($800) per month spread across 4 games or so with each new game doing about double as the previous one. A period of 10 months if i remember correctly. So this guy is slowly getting somewhere. As for marketing he’s blogging regularly, i’m not aware of any other activities.

A third developer made a $.99 cent puzzle game, nicely done but amateurish graphics which probably hindered sales. Also no marketing at all, the website is rudimentary and contains no relevant content. Still he made €200 ($280) per month.

I’ll keep the developer’s identity and app names anonymous as i did not ask them for permission but i though sharing those numbers here will put Noel’s earnings in better perspective. I think he’s doing better than most (as he said).

Needless to say that’s the level of success i’m aiming for.

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