Indie Game Developer Resources

Quick Note
This resource page hasn’t been updated in over a year. Content may be outdated and is certainly incomplete. I leave it online as is because it’s frequently visited and does serve as a good starting point for further research.

The List
This is my annotated link list of everything that is helpful in answering the question: how to become an Indie Game Developer? It includes war stories, links to sites where you can upload games, e-business, legal, free assets, game development techniques, and more. I’m irregularly updating it whenever I learn something new as part of my “research project”. Will i ever go indie? Do i have what it takes? Can i make a living on creating indie computer games? Well, that’s what i’m trying to find out, too…

Please excuse the sloppy layout of this page. This is basically a reference for me, sort of an enhanced and shared bookmark list. I don’t put much effort in it right now other than adding more links. Once I’ve learned which resources are truly great and useful and when i have quite a bit of free time to waste i’ll eventually improve the layout and content of these pages, just like my Scrum pages over here.

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